Knitting teddy clothes

Knitting teddy clothes

Two Reasons Why Owners of Craft Supply Stores Should Order Wholesale Wooden Toys

Karl Wells

Here are two reasons why owners of craft supply stores should order wholesale wooden toys for their retail shops.

Wooden toys are environmentally friendly and could appeal to eco-conscious crafters

One reason why those who run these stores should consider ordering wholesale wooden toys is that these toys are likely to appeal to their eco-conscious customers. Over the last few years, consumers have become more aware of how their purchasing decisions affect the environment.

Many crafting enthusiasts who shop at craft supply stores now prefer to ensure that the items they buy are eco-friendly. Because of this, a lot of those who make crafts are veering away from supplies made of plastic and becoming more interested in wood-based crafting supplies. This is because wood is biodegradable and quite sustainable (as it comes from a renewable resource). In contrast, plastic-based crafting supplies are not biodegradable and are produced using crude oil, which is non-renewable.

Whilst all types of wooden crafting supplies are likely to pique the interest of eco-conscious crafting enthusiasts, wooden toys are a particularly safe bet for a craft store owner to purchase in bulk from a wholesaler. The reason for this is that although crafters make all kinds of objects, many of them like to make toys that they can give as gifts to the children in their lives or sell in their own shops. As such, plain wooden toys that people can decorate are likely to sell quite well.

Plain wooden toys are a great craft item for those who are new to crafting

A second reason why owners of craft supply stores should get wooden toys from their local wholesalers is that these toys will probably appeal to a lot of their customers who are new to crafting. The reason for this is that if a person wants to make something with almost any of the numerous supplies in this type of store, they usually need to develop some skills first. They might, for example, need to learn the basics of sewing, knitting or crocheting, or they may need to master the foundations of needlework or origami before they can utilise many of the products sold in these stores.

However, even a person with virtually no experience in arts and crafts will be able to paint, or glue colourful sequins and fabric, to a plain wooden toy. As such, if the owner of a craft store wants to encourage their new, inexperienced customers to develop an interest in crafting and perhaps eventually buy other craft supplies from the shop in the future, they should consider stocking up on wholesale wooden toys for their premises.

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