Knitting teddy clothes

Knitting teddy clothes

Why Candle-Making Is A Great Activity To Try With Your Children

Karl Wells

Candles have been used for thousands of years in almost every corner of the world. While their use has been drastically lessened by the availability of electricity, they are still useful as decorations and mood enhancers, especially when they have a special scent. Most families need at least a few candles in the home in case of an emergency power outage, so why not make candle-making an activity that you and your children can do together? Here are three reasons why you should at least try candle-making with your children during these school holidays.

Very Hands-On

Most of the time children these days are more than happy to spend their days playing on a computer, tablet or gaming console, and convincing them to go outside can be nigh on impossible. Bringing out the candle-making supply kit can be a great way to draw their attention off the screen and into the real world. There are many practical tasks they have to complete with their hands, and it is a whole lot of fun to play with the wax and moulds and to choose personal fragrances and designs. There are few arts and crafts that can still get the attention of even the most online children, but candle-making is one of them.

Candles Make Great Presents

Apart from just your own use, candle-making provides a great opportunity for gifts for friends and family. Getting your children excited and ready for a party by including them in the candle-making process can be a fun project. Telling them the candles are for Grandma or Grandpa is a great way to at least draw them into candle-making, and once they get started, they will likely not stop until its done. Make sure that you have all the right candle-making supply items, as the last thing you want is half-made candles because you forgot to order enough wax or wicks.

Simple To Learn, Hard To Master

Perhaps the best reason why candle-making works as a pastime for children and adults alike is that it can be simple to get started but very hard to perfect. This makes the barrier for entry quite low (perfect for kids) while also allowing them to learn and get better as time goes on. This can be a rewarding pastime, especially when school and daycares are no longer in session. Some candle-making supply kits actually cater specifically to children, but you don't have to get those ones as any regular candle-making kit will do just fine. 

To learn more, contact a resource that carries candle-making supplies.


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